Why was lma.io built?

It started out as a personal side project. The goal was to provide a better experience for searching, browsing and playing the shows provided by the archive.org Live Music Archive. I think live music fans will enjoy exploring the shows as much as I am, and that's why I am making it available to the public.

Will lma.io continue to be free to use?

We hope to keep lma.io free for the forseeable future. There are costs associated with hosting and as more people use the site costs will increase. If costs get too high, I will look at options to facilitate keeping the site operational via donations or something similar. We do NOT intend for lma.io to be a for profit service.

What browser's are supported?

For mobile/tablet devices, we have tested on iPhone, iPad and Chrome for Android. For desktop browsers, Google Chrome, Safari & Firefox have been tested.

Can you use Airplay with lma.io?

Yes! If Airplay devices are within range you will see the Airplay button on the audio control. Tap the Airplay button to choose the Airplay device that you want to stream the show to.

Are there future updates planned for lma.io?

Yes, we have some enhancements planned and are always open to ideas for new features.

What is the best way to send feedback or contact me?

Email support@natural-logic.com.